The strict manufacturing process includes three key production milestones; Light manufacture, ballast production and testing. Every product assembled is documented and checked during manufacture and after to ensure exceptional standards are maintained at all stages of the production process.

Luvia Lighting Concepts  has perfected the light manufacturing process ensuring pure and flawless globes. Glass tubes are phosphor lined, baked, welded and filled with gas with the aide of precision tools in a sterile environment. The light coupling process includes the wrapping of the induction coil within the required electrical parameters. The full suite is then fixed together before the light aged and retested.

Ballasts are produced using the latest technology with testing every step of the way. Beginning with the ballast control panel, the chip is placed and reflow soldering conducted to fix the components. After testing, plug-ins are integrated and tested before installation into the ballasts hard-shell enclosure.

Backed by a 5 year warranty, Luvia Lighting Concepts’ products have built a solid reputation for reliability and quality. Please contact us for any further information about our manufacturing processes.